spinning and sharing

at a party i don’t belong at

In Poetry on April 15, 2010 at 9:58 pm

ωearing my awkward, autumn shirt,

I joined in and

an acquaintance attached to a buddy,

a good buddy,
that i care about,
she asked me, “What happened?”
because you are so beautiful.
this person’s only seen
of you, and me.
never heard your smile
or traversed the plainscape
of your face,
but she kept asking,
the revelers reveled,
in the party’s liquid blaze.
kept asking a cold question
freezing their yearning bodies,

their summer sweat,

never touched by, by,


kept asking a question that
solidified that moment:
because no one
turns their back,
and casts a cold shadow,
on an orchid, rose,
a tulip,
in its heart aching, tiring bloom,
I imagine,
and of course,
they are fools.


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