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In Uncategorized on September 2, 2010 at 8:11 pm

It was early afternoon, and the sun was so bright, and the sidewalks so white, the world was overexposed.  I squinted, painful without my sunglasses.  Every car window and storefront reflected flares in my vision  Walking in this light you needed sunglasses, which I had forgotten.     They stopped to admire a dog tethered to a store front pole. A girl and a boy, who couldn’t be more than fourteen or fifteen years old if that.

Maybe they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but they could have been brother and sister or just friends. Didn’t matter, I forgot about them as I crossed an intersection busy with construction. Continued down P street towards 18th and Dupont Circle.

A girl rushed past me, her hair nearly brushing me. Didn’t hear her coming, my headphones were in. She hesitated, not because she’d nearly collided into a stranger, but to look back over her shoulder. I glanced where she was looking and saw the boy getting into a red mini-van. His mother. Their mother. Whatever.

He waved at her and I saw her run up the stairs into the Church of Scientology. A little girl like that.

I have no idea.


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