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I held you in my arms

In Poetry on September 21, 2010 at 4:26 am

I held you in my arms,

Feet planted firmly in the sand.

We were staring out to sea at dusk.

You a treasure in strong arms

Them there for your protection

We held each other, truly did.

My baby in my arms,

Too late to offer you to the bled out sun

Too late for a tad more

A little more daylight to daydream by

For now the waves were purple, and now the waves were black

And now the sky became a cave, a’ fletched with stars.

I held you in my arms, like the treasured objects before me

(the sparkle in the black cave).

Feet planted in the sand

(the weight of you sinking me)

staring out to sea.

(a last romantic gesture).

Now I start up at the memory,

cold sweat and worthwhile memory.

A protecting vow of love,

disturbing my sleep.

I reach for your encompass

Your beauty and your grace

Like a glass of water, cold and beaded

And reassuring in the room’s night.

My fingers find nothing to hold

Nor nothing there to quench.

Rigid am I as I think

My feet sinking

(a final gesture rife with promise)

My head thinking

Why does it go on at all?


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