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Love in the Morasse

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Imagery- Red-orange junkyard wasteland that is a no man’s land.  Some resources exist in this baked/fried atmosphere.  It is also where the Doctor dwells in his flesh eating kingdom.  The fight between Murdock, human bounty hunter, and Ralph, dwller bounty hunter, takes place here.

Morasse- radiated water encompassed by blue green filth.  Human cannot exist in this environment, but dwellers call this their home- fighting for scraps, eating each other or anything they can.  Ralph and his woman Keelay, refuse to take part

His eyes were bloodshot and tired.  But they were open and fierce.  The face was scarred from meeting trouble, but beating it, many times.  The man’s hair and beard were long and brown and soggy and matted.  He was leaned against a small outcropping of natural rock that jutted out of the filth.  He blinked rarely, he was watching for someone coming through the little valley of car wreckage and trash.  Below him.

In his right hand he gripped a knife.  He knew he was one of the only men in the place with one.  Many times, he’d taken care of trouble with that knife.  Sometimes he thought about how many of those troubles would have done him in if he didn’t have it.

Murdock scratched his beard and pulled out some dead insects from it, he hadn’t eaten in days and neither apparently had they…so they died.  He felt the pain in his stomach for about three days before it became dull.  After that, about four days later the pain would come back stronger.  At first, before the break, it was a rumble that became a feeling like the steady threatening hollowing out of the stomach.  Like a tree being hollowed out by tools from the inside.  After the break, when the pain returned, the hollowness felt like the body was eating itself.  After a full week he began to get used to this hunger.

表达具体的知识:the concept of starving to death, in as legible and impacting a way as possible.

He felt the air change a degree or two.  Felt the change first around his ears, skull, and neck and then his whole body felt it.  A small, perceptible change in temperature.  He had a moment to wonder how they got the drop on him.

He grabbed the bearded man as he turned, one hand grasping firmly the wrist that held the pointed blade, his other huge hand with a good hold on the man’s neck below the chin.  In this way he lifted the squirming man above the ground, absorbed a sharp kick just below his neck (which would have been very bad) into his chest, and drove the man down into the hard ground.  He’d hoped that the head would crack the ground and he could finish him with little effort, but the bearded man was tough after hitting the ground wrestled away from the vice grip and rolled to a safe distance.  They both looked for an instant for the knife but it had clattered away onto the stones below.

Murdock stared with tired fury at the smooth skinned creature in front of him.  A dweller.  He’d killed them before, those dangerous mutated bastards.  He looked at the body, slightly bluish gray under the tattered rags.  He looked at the human eyes, flattish nose, and the gills below human ears.  He looked at the dwellers muscles, sinewy and with a physical power beyond that of humans.  He felt sorry for the creature, despite his own starvation and even despite the deep impressions in his wrist and neck, the blood on the back of his head.  He’d tucked his head to avoid the KO, and he’d lost the knife.  The dweller took a couple shambling steps towards him.  Murdock knew he’d have to maneuver perfectly, take the charge, and flip the sneaky bastard over his head using its momentum against it.  The dweller rushed forward, and Murdock grabbed its wrist and violently pivoted into its body, his own hip and back slamming into it while immediately pulling with both arms and lifting up on his legs to throw it over his shoulder.  But he couldn’t do it.  As his force of motion abated he felt the dweller’s arms crush around him and thought he always knew it would be one of these freaks that got him.  Not a gun.  Not a man, but some monstrosity created by the same men who’d ruined the planet. –show how it feels to kill someone.-

Ralph felt very tired.  He was bloody and scratched where the man had tried to claw his way free.  It only took about a minute to choke him to death.  But it felt like an eternity, and as he always did after the first time he closed his eyes and looked away as his hands cut the air and left the body drying in the sun.  He had killed thirty men.  Twenty five were people like him, down in the morasse.  For food, but mostly in defense of his home and his woman.  This was the fifth pure human he’d killed for the Doctor.  Describe his sick feeling, maybe go into the history of how he got involved…the difference between doing it for survival and as a job.  Have to intro the Doctor as very sinister.

Ikko watched her sleep, her naked torso rising and falling with her breaths.  The shadows surrounded her body like claws but left her face clear in the moonlight.  The moon was still there in the sky.  Kee was still there, by his side.  He didn’t want to wake her, but his hands ignored his brain and drifted, laying them on her body and absorbing her softness and warmth.  Almost suddenly, he lay down next to her and clutched her, almost fiercely, to his body.  He made his body a blanket shell around her flesh, against the cold, the toxins, the animals, the world.  And especially the Doctor.  He wished he could make their bodies one, to take her in and meld together, but no matter how tightly he held her it was never close enough.  His remembered the morning, and thought about leaving her to hunt in the day, and with those thoughts of parting his tears began to flow.  Kee whimpered and her body twisted a little in his grasp.  He released her and lay next to her and slept. This part has to be beautiful, an accurate, eloquent representation of how it feels to hold Kinny.  Symmetry, fitting together, comfort against the world.  A combination of sadness/hopelessness and happiness/comfort.


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