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from guy to girl

In Comix ideas, Online Dating on October 18, 2010 at 2:45 am

(Guy sitting at his computer in profile, glow on his little stick figurish face)

‘Wow, she’s really pretty!’

Thinking thinking thinking, thinking thinking thinking thinking.

“No that’s too desperate…dont’ want it to be too long” bckspace bckspace

“Seems like I just want to hook up…”

“Too short…”

“Ah! ha. Perfect combination of  being funny, breezy, and yet pining to her relevant profile information. officially non-creeper.”

(15 hrs later)

“No response…ah I was probably too brief.  She’s too good for me anyways.”

(17 hrs later)

‘Hi, haha…nice to meet you…’

(thinking seriously)

“Too soon, she must have photoshopped.”