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The end of the world as He knows it

In story frag on June 6, 2011 at 11:46 pm

Out in Morass, there are strange creatures and stranger people.  There’s your hoppers, goatswine, big newts, lil hoppers, fistlewitches, spikes (not to be confused with stag-mites, spikes grow UP out of the ground), wermin (including bog rats, swamp rats, marsh rats and moor rats), tentacles, big eyes, brain drainers, fox robins (they call ’em robinfoxes up North), feetch, fatwallers, fat hoppers, fog benders, and brain babies.  They’d soon as suck you dry as leave you alone, some of ’em.  Speaking of, you might be like a lot of folks and think it fun to see a drainer and a baby try and out-kill each other, do a little dosy-doe.  But imagine switchin’ sides with the baby.  Boy, you wouldn’t like it one bit, having that tube with those itty bitty teeth attaching, and sucking the brains right out of your skull.  Terrible.  Fistlewitches are harmless enough, so are spikes as long as you steer clear of the, ah, spike.  That can be hard to do though, when it gets foggy out on Morass, and I do hear that they like to burrow in those kinds of foggy places, too.  Hoppers, well you know about them.  But watch out for the big ones, they don’t bite but they hop high and they are big.  I had a cousin, once.

Anyways, that’s the creature side of things.  Some are harmless as a hopper or a big eye, and will pay you no mind (‘cept the big eyes kind of always seem to be staring at you as they float by, and some folks just get the willies) and some will kill you.  Point is, you learn to differentiate.  You learn what you can poke (something I personally never do myself, but hey, I’m pretty careful) and what you shouldn’t let get even a whiff of your farts.  You learn what makes good eating, and what thinks you’d make good eating.  Most important, you learn where you can sleep, and for how long.

Now, people?  That’s not simple.  You can tell a lot by a man or a woman by their face, and how they talk.  Then, just when you think you’re pretty good at reading faces, and gaugin’ words, you run into someone who’s just a bit better at hiding expressions and who have got some of that Old World honey on their tongues.  Speaking of Old World, a long time ago, they had things called books, and if you don’t believe me fine, but I BEEN There, ok?  I was There, as a boy, that’s how I know about these books.  No, I don’t know how to get back, or even if it’s still standing; it’s a sore subject and I’m sorry I brought it up.  I just wanna say that they had books with words in em, and folks used to say you could not judge a book by its cover.  Get it?  The cover might be shiny or drab, but it was the words on the inside that counted.  Whatever, I lost you.  Point is, people is much, much more dangerous than beasts.