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The Anthropocene and the Singularity

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2013 at 9:50 pm

The Anthropocene is the new epoch where humanity’s influence over geology, nature, the earth itself has reached such a stage that we are changing the planet. The Singularity is the concept that posits technology’s progression is so rapid, that it will soon reach the point where the human brain cannot comprehend what the hell is happening. 

Both terms are in currently being used by many, believed by many, and so are very real (the Singularity is further off while the Anthropocene is now). How they continue is yet to be seen, but for C&C, a convergence of the two could provide a good backdrop. 

Humanity’s collective discharge of carbon dioxide has eroded the ozone, caused global warming to melt the icecaps, and led to rising water levels, increased disasters, and environmental change to occur. Simultaneously, technology has advanced at an exponential rate, leading to the perfection of the people who can afford perfection – in how they look, perform, and interact with their likewise perfected cities. Complete independence from the outside has been achieved only in one of these cities, however, and that place acts as the equivalent of Heaven on Earth. It is there that aspects of the Singularity that are the “craziest” will spawn and take form. 

The city setting of C&C will be one of the “hybrid” cities, cities that have advanced and contain sectors of the new but also diminishing remnants of the old. These sectors are categorically the same as our urban poor and rich burroughs. A south side, dingy outpost of mutations with high crime rates. A functioning community of the devil drenched and the outright cursed. A north side of silicon and glass where everyone resembles Aphrodite and Rob Lowe, Vetruvian men and Paula Pattons abound. 

The combined effects of the environmental breakdown, along with technology driven experimentation, has created the “unsavory” types. Like a Judge Dredd, the outside is a wasteland. But neither Heaven nor wasteland will be revealed much in the first book, which must concentrate on solely on the middle ground of City, encapsulating apocalyptic dystopia and straight up dystopia. 

The hard problem is the spiders. Somehow, such an imperfect, dirty, frightening method of achieving rapture has become popular on the North Side – and all the synthetics derived from these mutations cannot achieve the effect of having a giant arachnid spin you in a web and inject you like an eight-legged nurse with fangs that breath and twitch. And, Conrad is on the case. 

Why would there be crime at all? Surely, perfect consumerism would also coincide with perfect governance and a perfect police force. Why even deal with the scum of the South Side when it could be eradicated by super human cops, or better yet cut off like a foot festering with gangrene? Is there symbiosis here? Has the City simply not achieved that level of perfection?



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