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Seeing Snow

In Pablo Rosemary on March 25, 2014 at 1:42 pm

As his foot crossed the threshold of the door his toes trembled, his body knowing the cold before his thoughts did, the small white dots rapidly descending silencing his breath and the world. He walked out and marveled at the landscape of his home so touched by this magical stuff his mother had called snow.

After a few minutes, he longed to be back inside, with his mother by the fire in their old house. His room was cold in every way, cold to the skin, eyes, nose, and ears, for as the snow blanketed everything it seemed to whisper ‘hush’ to the birds and the animals, and even the people bundled up in clothing foreign to him moved about slowly, their steps coming in almost tip toe, trepidation steps, their manner beaten back.

In an hour, Pablo, shivering in his blanket with toes and hands that were half-numb, had had enough of the snow and winter.